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Personal Protective Equipment: Respiratory protection: Impervious gloves are recommended if skin contact with drug product is possible and for bulk alprazolam processing operations .
alprazolam Wear safety glasses or goggles if eye contact is possible .
Impervious protective alprazolam clothing is recommended if skin contact with drug product is possible and for bulk processing operations .
If the applicable Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) is exceeded, wear an appropriate alprazolam respirator with a protection factor sufficient to control exposures to below the OEL .
STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Conditions to Avoid: Incompatible Materials: Stable alprazolam at normal conditions As a precautionary measure, keep away from strong oxidizers .
TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION General Information: The information included in this section describes the potential hazards of the individual Acute Toxicity: (Species, Route, End Point, Dose) Mouse Oral LD alprazolam 50 Rat Intravenous LD 50 ~ 15 mg/kg LD50 4,070 mg/kg Magnesium stearate Acute Toxicity Comments: A greater than symbol (>) indicates that the toxicity endpoint being tested was not achievable at the highest dose used in the test .
Irritation / Sensitization: (Study Type, Species, Severity) Repeated Dose Toxicity: (Duration, Species, Route, Dose, End Point, Target Organ) alprazolam Central nervous system 3, 10, 30 mg/kg/day Liver, Kidney, Blood, Ureter, Bladder Reproduction & Developmental Toxicity: (Study Type, Species, Route, Dose, End Point, Effect(s)) Reproductive & .
ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Environmental alprazolam Overview: Environmental properties have not been thoroughly investigated .
alprazolam Releases to the environment should be avoided .
DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Disposal Procedures: alprazolam Dispose of waste in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations .

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